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Only 20 drops produces 3000% more energy than any other water!

Our water has 30 times the ENERGY of any other water measured by ELECTROLYSIS using only 20 drops to produce the energy needed to supplement our FOOD and fight world hunger!

While in the past (using electrolysis), it took too much energy to produce Hydrogen. With the energy in John Ellis Water, the ENERGY REQUIRED WENT FROM 30 AMPS TO ALMOST ZERO!!  using ONLY 2O DROPS of my water added to ordinary water and you will then realize why Scientists from all over the world are talking about this discovery!!

101° (ordinary distilled water)

104° (ordinary water)

114° (John Ellis Water)

120° Steam , the ENERGY that started the Industrial Revolution with the invention of the Steam Engine by English inventor James Watt!

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Our Story

       The wider hydrogen bond angle in John Ellis water has been found to contribute to greater amounts of energy to the cells, increase blood flow, decrease swelling in the body, and it has anti-radiation (theoretically cancer-prevention) properties.     Changing the bond angle is done by rapidly heating & cooling the water in the side chamber (3 x per minute).    Ordinary distilled water is not healthy for you. A normal distiller will reduce the hydrogen bond angle of water to about 101 degrees (making it worse for the body than regular tap water). Normal distillers do not do this rapid heating/cooling cycle at all, and their normal single-heating-cycle reduces the bond angle of the hydrogen in the water. As a matter of fact, John Ellis warns people about the dangers of drinking normal distilled water for this reason.

     The John Ellis machine is the only machine that can make a permanent change (for the better) to the hydrogen bond angle of water.​

The new bond angle will not revert back to its old 104-degree angle.

  The hydrogen bond angle of John Ellis water was measured by scientists at Los Alamos Nuclear Lab with their "scanning electron microscope"; and then Dr. Guy Abraham (famous medical researcher who was studying water at the time) measured it again, because he couldn't believe that the John Ellis water machine actually changed the hydrogen bond angle of water, for the better, until he saw it for himself. [More about this below.]

 The John Ellis Living Water machine makes the only, actually proven, physically restructured water there is on the planet. Regardless of what other companies may claim, the accomplishment of a hydrogen bond angle change has not been done before or since this invention by John Ellis.

 With John Ellis water is restructured water (with the new 114-degree hydrogen bond angle). The reason why is that the John Ellis machine takes water through the process of rapid heating/cooling hundreds of times per hour, which John Ellis identifies as the source of the bond angle change. All of the water (in the pot) is subject to this rapid heating/cooling process, so it all has the increased bond angle.

  • Some people compare John Ellis water as being similar to hydrogen water or ionized water. It is not. All forms of John Ellis water have zero free-hydrogen antioxidants, and so, any claims that the medical research on the use of hydrogen water with patients or with animal studies would not apply to John Ellis water. Any theorizing about it would just be that, theorizing.

  • John Ellis water has been studied though, and in and of its own right, it has been shown it to be healing water too. For instance one can pour this water  into a soured well and rejuvenate it. This has also worked for pools, spas, septic tanks, and local pond water or lagoon issues.

  • The Dole company is one of several manufacturers who have used John Ellis water and found it to be very effective in killing off mold spores. John Ellis water has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and even anti-radiation functions in the body, food, and in the environment.  

  • People who mix John Ellis water in with their drinking water have claimed to be healed of a variety of conditions, including cancer.  John Ellis, himself, developed his machine in order to create healing water for himself, and he in fact cured himself of several tumors on his head and neck.

  • An interesting and fortunate thing about John Ellis water is that it has a cascading effect when mixed with other water. A small amount of John Ellis water added to any other water, has been shown to transform that water to have the new 114-degree hydrogen bond angle. [Note: John says you must stir it and give it some time (minutes, hours or days. depending on batch size) to make the transformation. The proportion recommended to do this is about 30 drops of John Ellis water to an 8-ounce glass of other water or 2 ounces per gallon.]

  • John Ellis Living Water Machine: Patented Process

  • The John Ellis E5 and all of the John Ellis Living Water Machines have a patented process of boiling/cooling the water in the special side chamber 3 times per minute. This rapid heating/cooling of water is based on theoretical principles (which John Ellis studied in his engineering training) which had never before been put to practical application. It is quite a unique invention, and no other machine has ever been built to actually achieve the "perfect hydrogen bond angle" in water that others had only theorized. 

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